Thursday, March 05, 2015

Aggressively Focused Defense of DUI, OVI, and Drunk Driving

Deters Law, LLC is an OVI ( DUI ) Defense Law Firm. Call us 24 hrs/day for Aggressive and Focused OVI and Criminal Traffic Defense.  DUI Trial Attorney, DUI Police Instructor, Former DUI TOP COP.

Let Attorney Mark Deters Help Fight for YOU!  Mark understands the complexities of the DUI ( OVI ) Law and the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle’s ( BMV ) licensing laws.  Mark will help get you DRIVING PRIVILEGES!  Mark understands that your JOB is important to you—he will help you PROTECT YOUR JOB!  He will also help you GET YOUR CAR BACK!  Of course, Mark is most concerned about helping to KEEP YOU OUT OF JAIL!

Mr. Deters’ background as a DUI and OVI Defense Lawyer, in addition to his extensive experience as a former DUI TOP COP, Accident Reconstructionist, and DUI ( OVI ) Police Instructor has well-prepared him to help defend you against an accusation of DUI or OVI.

Because Mark has been on both sides of DUI and OVI Law, he is uniquely qualified to Defend You in what is likely one of the scariest situations of your life.

As a DUI TOP COP – Mark was responsible for arresting hundreds of people for OVI ( DUI ), and he averaged over 20 OVI ( DUI ) arrests per month.  And, because Mark was an OVI Police Instructor, he was responsible for Training Police Officers (both recruit and veteran officers) on how to properly arrest a motorist for an OVI ( DUI ). 

Today, Mark utilizes his skills, knowledge and experience, to Defend those accused of DUI and OVI.  Mark regularly appears in all Ohio Courts (City, State, and Federal) Defending those accused of OVI ( DUI ) at the Pre-Trial stage, Motion to Suppress stage, and for Trial (both Judge Trials and Jury Trials).  Most DUI ( OVI ) cases do not go to trial.  But, you will not know whether your OVI ( DUI ) case will need to go to trial until some time after your arrest.  That is why Mark begins preparing every OVI ( DUI ) case as if it will go to trial.  Planning every case for Trial is key to preserving necessary defenses and for obtaining and protecting evidence, which will be necessary for trial.